Overview of the MSI Research Program

The mission of MSI is to provide intellectual leadership in marketing and its allied fields, with the goal of improving and influencing business thinking and practice. MSI’s core activities consist of supporting high-quality academic research and presenting the findings at conferences and in working paper and monograph form.

MSI solicits two types of submissions from academics: (1) research proposals for consideration for funding or other types of MSI support, and (2) working papers for consideration for inclusion in MSI’s Working Paper Series. (Note: MSI considers all working papers whether or not the research was supported by MSI.)

Since its founding in 1961, MSI has served as a bridge between the academic and business communities, bringing together executives from approximately 65 sponsoring corporations with leading researchers from more than 100 universities worldwide. Every two years, MSI engages in a unique process in which executives from MSI member companies vote to establish the topics on which they want to encourage academic research.MSI then solicits research proposals on these topics and funds the best of them. At any given time, there are scores of MSI-sponsored research projects in progress.

MSI holds meetings and conferences where member companies are given a first look at the findings of MSI-sponsored research studies. New ideas about ways to implement the findings are stimulated through discussion among member company executives and academic researchers.

Important findings from research projects are circulated in a working paper series, which includes more than 600 titles on a broad spectrum of issues related to marketing. The working papers present significant new knowledge in the field and discuss how this knowledge will affect both practice and scholarly research. Many subsequently appear in leading professional journals in marketing and related fields, and often win major awards granted by those publications. MSI-supported research also provides the basis for MSI’s monograph series.